Whether you want to listen to a specific music genre or are looking for the perfect background soundtrack, there is a Stingray Music channel for you – from electronica, hip-hop, classical and dance, to rock and reggae. We have music that suits all moods and occasions. Enjoy the best music without any interruptions, 24/7!

Below, listen to samples of our channels:

Feeling groovy? Take a time machine to the decade when pop music was new.
Pull on your best bell-bottoms! It’s time to hit the dance floor, whether you’re a dancer, a rocker or a lover.
Pump up the volume with music from everyone’s favourite neon decade.
Remember the days before the millennium? Listen to music that’s already classic.
All the hits from recent years.
Revival (60s & 70s)
If you can’t choose just the one decade, try this combination!
Rewind (80s & 90s)
If you can’t choose just the one decade, try this combination!
Rock 'n' Roll
From the days when rock’n’roll was young and jive was the only dance in town!
All Day Party
Don’t wait for the weekend, every night is ladies night.
If you prefer pop with a hint of rock, park your ears here.
Feel good pop music, from the 60s to today
Kids (UK/DE/NL)
Songs and lullabies and fun that are popular with the under-7 set
More than just ballads – here are love songs for true romantics!
Total Hits (local versions)
Non-stop Top 40 hits, latest releases and all the best songs of the past 2 years.
Swiss Hits
Non-stop, top quality music from Switzerland
A variety of popular Arabic music
Bollywood Hits
All the best music from the biggest Indian films of the moment. Playing top current tracks, popular songs from recent years and vintage classics.
Asian Hits
Top 40 Asian pop currently charting in East Asia
Sommer Hits
Your very own party - whenever you want it!
Classical India
Classic Ragas from great artists featuring traditional instruments such as the sitar, tabla and bansuri.
East Africa Gospel
Uplifting music in one of the most popular and enduring styles.
Hindi Gold
A variety of popular Hindi language music.
Hollandse Hits
Hit songs by chart topping artists.
Seeking, finding, feeling, losing. It’s all about love.
Music with more than a hint of spice – Latin style
Musik für Erwachsene
A refuge from the frothy pop – music for grown-ups
Non-stop Dutch pop music
South African Gospel
Uplifting music in one of the most popular and enduring styles.
South African Modern
The best of today’s South African charts.
South African Traditional
Celebrating the enduring and diverse musical heritage of South Africa.
Sounds of India
Specially selected music from Southern India
Bhangra, desi R&B, u, house, pop, underground and fusion from today’s Indian music scene.
Volksmusik from the 1970s to today
Chart toppers from the Philippines. Popular Tagalog music in all genres, covering the last 20 years.
Persian popular, family-oriented music. Songs spanning from the 90s to today.
Songs of life in the language of love
Germany’s own distinctive contribution to the world of popular music
Türk Müzigi
An exclusive selection of popular Turkish music
World Carnival
It’s a globetrotting party!
Bass, Breaks & Beats
The cutting edge of dance music
Your personal wind down zone; calm and serene.
Classic R'n'B & Soul
Motown, Stax, Philly and more; all the movers and shakers of the soul years
Dance Floor Fillers
The biggest and best new dance anthems; non-stop, 24 hours a day.
Full on Disco and Funk; try keeping still to these beats!
Hip Hop
Rhythms, rhymes, samples and beats.
All day, all night - trance whenever you want it!
Classic Rock
If Woodstock means something special to you, we’ve got your music right here.
Not for the fainthearted – loud, fast and dangerous. Today’s noisiest rock.
Indie Classics
From the days when Alternative really meant Alternative.
Rock Anthems
From AC/DC to ZZ Top - the biggest stadium anthems on the channel that just rocks.
Rock Alternative
New, edgy and upfront – everything breaking on the alternative scene.
Young and fresh; streetwise but house-trained.
Hot Country
New Country, old country, your country. Non-stop, 24 hours a day.
Classical Calm
Bach without the bite, the gentler side of Classical.
Classical Greats
A unique selection of high-quality classical works.
Classical Orchestral
A comprehensive range of beautiful symphonic masterpieces.
Cool Jazz
Smooth and sophisticated. Jazz in a lighter mood.
Jazz classics
Five decades of jazz classic for the discerning listener.
New Age
When everything else just annoys, try something different!
Ska, roots, dancehall – whatever your taste in Reggae, old or new, it’s all here!
Cocktail Lounge
Easy listening with style!
80 years of authentic blues.